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Description:   Marsupial Designs is a software and web development company. We have been working on a lot of web scripts lately and would like to share them with you.

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Learning Design Player A servlet based Learning Design Player for use in conjunction with the CopperCore Learning Design Engine to display and run IMS Learning Designs

MVC Menu MVC Menu is an extension for ALPHA CMS. It creates and designs any menu of any depth in the front-end.

LiteOS LiteOS is our attempt to write a free OS for calculators known as "TI-68k". TI naturally stands for Texas Instuments while 68k designs the Motorola 68000, in other words the processor running such calculators.

Mental Scripts Image Host Mental Designs Image Hosting script is a script that allows you to upload png, gif& jpg images. it has a custom admin area that allows you to view and delete all images uploaded! easy to modify as it uses sql to store info and has ...

Muhkuh Muhkuh is a powerful and flexible test tool for hardware designs. Plugins are used to access the device under test or the testing equipment. Testcases are written in Lua and can be easily extended by the plugins.

Open RVC-CAL Apps Open RVC-CAL Applications (ORCA) is a set of open-source application that demonstrates the power of dataflow designs. With Open RVC-CAL Applications is possible to have from the same design a software and hardware synthesis. RVC-CAL applicationsDataflow programming

Parallelsimu Parallelsimu provides interfaces for parallel simulation of RTL descriptions of complex hardware designs(SoCs, CPUs and etc.) written in Verilog HDL.

Automated Reasoning for Bluespec Designs This page contains tools for applying automated reasoning to Bluespec SystemVerilog (BSV) hardware designs. We provide code for importing BSV designs into the PVS theorem prover and the SAL model checker.

Hazard Designs cms This software is a Content Management system designed for simple use. It should be able to change, add and remove articles via php over several pages. works in IE and mozilla but not mac.

Joshua~Designs All of my Scripts from my website such as my guestbook's, CMS's, Forums,FTP Clients,SSH Clients,SCP client and much much much more!!!! All my Stuff is FREE of charge Under the General Public Licence.

Mars Network Monitor Mars is a simple, extensible, services-oriented network status monitor written in Java. It monitors a network by simulating client connections to Internet services and reporting when those services are not responding as expected.

Martijn This is an on-line editor bases on microsoft dhtml.ocx for creating dynamic content. The purpose of this project is tot edit and manage dynamic content

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